The Audience

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Here at Geek:Interesting The Audience has turned into a Panelist! If the Panelists are unable to answer the question The Audience is given the chance to do so. More often than note The Audience is abl... Read More

Andrea Westaway

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Raised in the Winterfellian wilds of Prince George, Andrea Westaway has lived in Vancouver for five years. When she’s not working her normal job, she’s generally busy out in the local geek communi... Read More

Julia Lank

Julia is an improviser, writer and stage manager from Port Moody. She performs made-up musicals with Off Key Improv and argues in public with Geeks Vs. Nerds Vancouver. Recent credits include stage ma... Read More

Nick Drake

Hailing from the savage wasteland of Coquitlam, Nick is summoned by to Vancouver by the power of large gatherings of nerds. A frequent fixture at nerdy events around the city, and a budding contributo... Read More