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Geek: Interesting

From Aakars to Zutton, Alixus to Zweller, Aerandir to Zamîn, and all the fiddly bits in between, the geeky questions we don’t expect you to know the answers to.

Welcome to Geek: Interesting, the comedy quiz show about all things geeky, nerdy, dorky, and other flavors of awesome! In each episode, quizmistress Abbey St. Brendan presents her panelists – Aaron Golden and three special guests – with a series of interesting questions about geek culture, history, and media. These questions are specially selected, grain-fed, and hand-raised to be far too difficult for people to answer, so the panelists receive points for being ‘interesting’ instead, with jokes, stories, and absolute grade-A nonsense. Of course, the right answer is interesting by definition, but being boring – being wrong in a way the producers predicted – rings the klaxons and costs huge points!

We hope you’ll join us soon! Watch this site for announcements about shows and exhibitions. We promise you’ll chuckle, chortle, guffaw, and learn things that are interesting, but completely inapplicable to any part of your actual life.

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