Aaron Golden is the mad genius of Living Myth Media, co-founder and director, part living and all myth. A good chunk of the blog posts you read on that site are his reflections on the world around him. He doubts, he thinks, he writes, and therefore he is. There are some stories he needs to tell. You can read more from him on twitter @lastswann or track his madness over at www.livingmythmedia.com

For G:I, Aaron is our regular panelist, although this may be abusing the term “regular”. Aaron’s performance relies on finding chaos in order, presenting the horrible squirming complications hidden under the rock of simplicity, and ultimately – when the chips are really down – snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Date Episode Result
31 May 2015 Pilot Episode – First But Not Least -135 (4th)
26 September 2015 Episode A: Aquatic Antics and the Ancients of Arda 44(4th)

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