How best to describe Chris “MooMan” Nyarady? Perhaps he is akin to a screensaver, if you stop paying attention to him, he is compelled to start doing random things. Animator, writer, director, and all around entertainer, Chris hails from New Brunswick where he studied multimedia, theatre, and how to survive infuriatingly frigid winters. Seeking creative opportunities, and warmer climates, Chris moved to Halifax, and then to Vancouver where he currently works as an animator, hosts the live show/podcast Geeks versus Nerds Vancouver, and is the co-founder of the live entertainment production company Mad House Productions. He’s been involved either as an actor, writer, or a director on numerous theatrical productions, he been an improv comedian for many years, and composed music for and played in a funk ensemble. He also likes to cook. Seriously, he can make a mean mac ‘n cheese that’s like, “woah.”


Date Episode Result
26 September 2015 Episode A: Aquatic Antics and the Ancients of Arda 140 (Win!)

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