Geek: Interesting’s Episode A: Aquatic Antics and the Ancients of Arda ran on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at La Fontana Caffe, and turned out amazing! We filled the cafe with some of the best people our producer could scrape up and our panelists were pretty top notch as well. The audience became part of the show with the new feature of “audience can answer the questions” where in the audience after the panelists have been unable to answer have a chance to win fabulous prizes. While the panelists tried every trick in the book to answer the questions, but ultimately could not tear themselves away from the siren call of the Obvious But Wrong responses. The exception was Chris “MooMan” Nyarady, whose encyclopedic knowledge of animation and witty repartee saved him the from the klaxon’s call.


Panelist Final Score
Aaron Golden 44
Chris “MooMan” Nyarady 140
Nick Drake 61
Julia Lank 71

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