Duncan Shields is a spoken word artist from Vancouver, British Columbia. He is a two-time Vancouver Haiku Champion, a two-time Vancouver Nerd Slam Champion, and the winner of the 2010 IWPS Haiku Championship. He is one of only two North American poets to slam 100 poems in a row with no repeats. He was a competitor in the final CBC Radio poetry faceoff in 2009. He is the current Vancouver poetry Slam Master, and he maintains the Vancouver Poetry Slam YouTube channel. Recently he made the 2013 and 2014 Vancouver Poetry Slam Teams.

As a burlesque performer, he goes by the stage name Duncan Teabags and works most frequently with the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society several times a year.

He’s a staff writer on the flash fiction site 365tomorrows.com

He’s an animator by day and has worked for Rockstar Games, EA, and currently Capcom.


Date Episode Result
17 October 2015 Episode B: Bodies, Bones, and Bump in the Night 55 2nd

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